Happy Holidays 2020

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The LORD is my Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd-4 Revised The Lord is my Shepherd-4 Revised copy Lord is my Shepherd-4 Revised copy 109611 Total...

Being Thankful

  Presented by – Shai Anderson 109603 Total Views 128 Views Today

Trust in GOD

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Does God See Color?

DOES GOD SEE COLOR? – (Click Here to Download Full Handout Of Teaching) →         109626 Total...

Does God see color?

[/auds.com/attachment_id=1774″ rel=”attachment wp-att-1774″> Does GOD see color? At a time when the focus is again on the differences between Races,...

Stay Focused- Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

Stay focused, April 2009 A sharing given in Muskegon Michigan following a surgical procedure to remove part of the cancer...

Poem- Clay Balls

Poem- Clay Balls

                Clay Balls A man was exploring caves by the Waters edge. In...

We’re in it For the Love

We’re in it For the Love

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Photo Gallery

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Such as I Have – Gary Anderson

From Acts 3:6 Such as I Have… 103154 Total Views 125 Views Today

Life with God

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Love – by Mike Lorence

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The Loving Father- Luke 15- Gary Anderson

          Pastor Gary with grandchildren (Jocelyn & Samuel)               God...

Welcome to By Grace Ministries

By grace are ye saved… Eph. 2:8 God bless you in the Powerful and awesome name of Jesus Christ! My...

Odrination of Taylor Overbey

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